As a certified System Integrator and Value added Reseller partner Microsense offers all or any of the following convenient models:

  • Classic System Integration and Support Model
  • Managed Services Model
  • End to End Service Provisioning services for Wi-Fi
  • Options for other Models by Mutual Consultation

All of the above mentioned services and capabilities of Microsense are being leveraged owing to the fact that, we have an excellent reputation as a professional network systems integration company with a diversity of skills and tools, with a service and result orientation. We have an extensive product portfolio that includes several international brands of wired and wireless connectivity products. Our distribution network spans the country. We bring with us over a decade of experience in offering innovative WAN solutions to Enterprises, SMBs, Carriers and Service Providers. We employ a pool of experienced staff with a skill base in WAN technologies, including IP Communications, converged networks and wired and wireless security. We possess the team strength and proven execution capabilities to target large mass market forays, with majority of the technically qualified personnel being involved in execution and support.

As a solution provider, service provider and system integrator

  • WiFi Hotspot Design and deployment for Internet access & 3G offload
  • Wireless Last Mile extension to customers or in Carrier Networks
  • Wire line and Wireless Systems Integration projects of any kind
  • Connectivity to Carrier/Franchisee Outlets [Stores, Relationship Centers, Connect Outlets, Branch Offices]
  • Mobile to WiFi offload services
  • Supplies of Networking and Telecom Equipment

Microsense Hotspot and ISP Services encompass all of the below:

  • Support for most of the Access points and controllers gateways on the market.
  • Support for most of BRAS on the market: Example: Cisco, Cisco ISG, Juniper ERX, Redback, Runcom SG-BA, Mikrotik, etc.
  • Support for most of Dial-up on the market.
  • HTTP API for external systems and customization.
  • Customer management.Prepaid cards applications.
  • Captive Portal for public access (Walled Garden).
  • Supports WiFi Access controller / access gateways: eg. Mikrotik, Nomadix, Aruba, HP, Runcom SG-GA, HP Colubris, etc
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