Microsense Entertainment solution come with the next generation technology that turns conventional broadcast TV system to a personal smart interactive platform.
In conventional Entertainment system which was constrain to a broadcast domain limiting the guest to view what the hotels offer and it was difficult to meet the guest expectations often.
In our next gen Entertainment system MA TV/ IP TV or Connected TV, we offer the guest what he/she requires rather than what we have. We offer Video or Movie on demand, Music on demand, games, information channel and internet above all. System supports multiple types of Remotes for the Guest, Normal Universal Remote, Wireless Qwerty Key Board with Mouse Pad built in, and Applications support to use Smartphone or IPAD/Android as Remote.
Microsense provides the solution on “Smart TVs” without the need for any Set Top Box as well as with a low profile set top box with built in Wi-Fi. Billing and authentication software is part of the middle ware.

Highlights of or solutions are
  • User-friendly and customizable Interface
  • Provides interactive Hotel information
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Easy to integrate value added services
  • Entertainment on demand
  • Parental Control
  • Tele ordering
  • Bill Viewing
  • Genre based TV categories for easy navigation
  • Messaging service
  • Internet Surfing with popular Apps
  • Lighting and HAVC control & many more
IPTV/Connected TV

Apart from in-room Broadband Internet services, Microsense also offers in-room Entertainment services, with internet on TV and Video on Demand, providing a significant value add.

We want to make the TV experience to the guest more relevant and engaging. So far the guest has had a choice of TV channels subscribed to by the hotel and it is well known that soon this would make the guest stale, unless there is a special program or event such as a Sporting event or really important world news

The Microsense Connected TV Solution would change all that…

The guest may already have a Smart or Connected TV at home, and if not, it is more than likely the guest would have heard of it. So it is easy to present the Connected TV as a State of the Art facility which the guest will appreciate. (The Home Screen is completely customizable and will aid in the Hotel presenting the right image to the guest) The host is suddenly able use the TV in so many different ways to access myriad content. The television is converted to an interactive source of services like films on demand, music on demand, games and information channels, internet to name a few. We would arrange the billing software to be integrated, additional application support for smart phones if desired by the customer and would also facilitate Internet through TV.
This will in turn aid the hotel in providing improved guest satisfaction and subsequently better revenue.

Key features include:
  • Operation via Normal Universal Remote, Wireless QWERTY keyboard, Application support to use Smartphone, Tablet as remote.
  • Web browser, Internet and other Media Applications
  • USB Ports, Ethernet Ports, Built in Wi-Fi
Why Hotels should Opt for IPTV ?

IPTV is a major USP in the future guest room technology.
With time, TV in a guest room has evolved from bulky sets to sleek LCD/LED. Most hotels invest in procuring high-definition TVs, but are either dependent on cable TV operators or install their own Analogue TV head-end, which is popularly known as Master Antenna Television (MATV) or Cable TV (CATV). MATV is a system where TV channel feeds are down linked from various satellites using IRD (decoder box), which is normally provided by the broadcaster, and this audio-video feed is put into a modulator converting AV to RF for distribution to guest room TVs’ end points using a network of Coaxial cables and other RF distribution items like amplifier, splitters, tap offs, nodes, etc.
TV works on the principal of amplitude modulation and these noise-generating components affect signal levels resulting in distortions in TV signals like ghost images, snow, etc. The result is dissatisfied customers. Another issue of analogue transmission is a limited number of channels. Maximum theoretical limit is 106 channels, but practically more than 80 channels are not shown due to a very heavy loss of signal at higher frequencies.
The above two issues of poor signal quality and 80-channel limitation can be resolved by converting TV signal transmission from analogue to digital. Digital transmission can be done in two ways:

  • Using Digital Video Broadcast Cable (DVB-C/T)
  • Using Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)
What is DVB-C or DVB-T ?

In DVB-C, TV channels are encoded and transmitted in digital form, in digital RF using encoders, Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). The mode of transportation of DVB-C signal is the same as RF signal. In the TV points, a DVB-C set-top box is required to convert digital RF into AV or HDMI, which is fed directly to the AV or HDMI port of the TV. The guest can switch to AV or HDMI mode and watch digital TV channels. In case of Hospitality LED/LCD TV’s, they come with in-built DVB/analogue combo Tuner where no STB is required. The picture quality is improved and issues like ghost images and snow are resolved because in a digital mode either there will be a good quality picture or no picture at all. But in some cases, because of technical issues, pixelisation takes place resulting in garbled picture. There is a significant cost in converting feed from analogue to digital for encoders, QAM’s, etc.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is when the media-to-broadcast content is Ethernet. IPTV is the latest trend in the broadcasting content for entertainment, news, education, games in the digital platform, resulting in very high quality and resolution through high-definition broadcast.

Advantages of IPTV

The main advantage is there is clear digital picture quality with no distortion and noise.
IPTV is a two-way communication. This means a hotel guest can communicate to the main hotel server to retrieve information like on-spot bill, room service ordering, laundering, car rental bookings, and messaging.

  • Hotels can also up-sell and cross various services and products to enhance revenue.
  • On demand ‘VOD’ feature enables guests to operate features that are available in DVD players like forward, rewind, pause of any stored content.
  • Internet browsing via IP Setup enables guests to browse internet on IPTV with the help of IR keyboard. Guests can be well connected to the business and social world and can access trendy applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, chats and mails.
  • With the help of webcam embedded on the IPTV set-top box, guests can video conference with their families and business associates.
  • Hotels can push emergency messages in unforeseen circumstances like fire and security threats to secure guests and make hotels safe.
  • Menu cards can be translated into various international languages. This helps guests know about any dish that they wish to order. It can be in terms of calorific value, feel and look of a dish, preparation time and method. This helps in increasing F&B sales.
  • Express check-out and bill payments via payment card interface are possible.
  • Centralized Remote management of set-top box of every room TV is possible. Each set-top box is individually addressable for any specific guest message or function.
  • There is digital signage for reception, conference rooms, lobby areas, pre-banquet function areas.
TV Headends

Since digitization of the television broadcast has become mandatory across the country as per TRAI, there is a compulsory need for all television viewers including hospitality clients who still have the legacy analogue television systems to make this switch.
Microsense with its past track record in the hospitality industry will facilitate this migration.
Microsense has now tied up with Alcad, a global market leader & manufacturer in TV Head ends to enable complete digitization of Television broadcast as below:

  • Digital Headends
  • IPTV Digital Headends.
TV Broadcast Channels for Hotels

Microsense also provides the TV Broadcast content to meet your Hotel requirements, in line with the latest TRAI revisions advocating low cost TV Broadcast Channels for commercial subscribers.

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