Microsense is an Internet service provider with PAN India License. We offer

  • Internet leased line and Bandwidth to customers assuring 99.9% uptime with absolutely the best Speed.
  • On- Demand bandwidth
  • Last Mile extension to customers
  • Bandwidth as a service
  • Data centre services
Internet Leased Line and Bandwidth:

Primary advantages:

  • 99.9% Uptime.
  • Can use any routing protocol based on the customer request (Static, IGP or EGP).
  • Each point of Failover is secured.
  • Effective use of two ILL links by enabling load sharing.
  • Effective use of our backbone bandwidth.

On demand Bandwidth

Offering service which enables our customer to increase bandwidth up to 50% more, permanently or temporarily based on time usage, in just a single click. To offer such a service we lease the primary ILL 50% more than the requirement and implement bandwidth capping on the uplink interface. Once request is placed by the customer through our Web portal; we can immediately increase the bandwidth on demand as a managed service

  • Bandwidth restriction on certain applications
  • Application based bandwidth priority
  • Multi last mile management.
  • No admin overheads for IT manager for L1 firewall management.
  • Updating client on peak utilization of links and
  • Load balancing on back end.
Last Mile Extension “In Connect”

The “last mile” of the link connectivity can be provisioned via Fiber-to-the-Building and as well as on a point-to-point radio, subject to establishing technical feasibility. In some cases, the last mile may also be provisioned via short lengths of copper (not exceeding 500m), drawn from a nearby building where optical fiber has already been terminated. It would be Microsense’s endeavour to provision connectivity over the optical fiber.

Data centre Solutions
  • Server Co-location services – Co-locate your mission critical application servers in our Tier-III Data center in 8 Cities in India
  • Dedicated Server hosting – Get enterprise-grade fully managed servers on monthly rental model.
  • Cloud Computing (Infrastructure as a Service) – Powered by VMWare, offering Computing and storage on the cloud.
  • Datacenter Managed Services – Complete suite of managed services to compliment the above offerings.
  • Disaster Recovery – Host your DR sites at our Tier-II datacenters in Chennai/Hyderabad/Bangalore.
  • Mailing solutions for corporate customers.

Microsense addresses all aspects of guest and hotel Internet needs and is able to bring a holistic approach for meeting their requirements. The key features of our HSIA solution offering include:

  • State of the art hospitality and billing software that uniquely integrates both the billing and hotel operations system & handles authentication.
  • A comprehensive service delivery portfolio encompassing various tools and services
  • Necessary infrastructure in order to provide and maintain a secure network.
In line with the latest, Microsense HSIA features are one to look up to offering:
  • Plug and Play.
  • Room Mapping for Wired Rooms.
  • Multiple VPN support.
  • Bandwidth on Demand.
  • Login Success Alerts. Login Failure Alerts by e-mail and/ SMS.
  • Hotel can define its own plans
  • Convenient Systems for service to non-resident guests
  • Lawful Intercept
  • Detailed Guest usage statistics for the hotel
  • Public IP self service
  • Business Center Module enables hotel to manage Business Center Convention and Events
  • User Dashboard
  • Worldwide Network Management System
  • Customized Hospitality Help Desk System
Some of our Value added service differentiators are:
  • A tiered approach in terms of Internet plans and services. The advantage of having a tiered approach is to ensure service availability to various user types and to implement controlled provisioning of Internet service. By this method, lower bandwidth plans are recommended for normal browsing and email and higher plans for improved connections and streaming etc.
  • Differentiated tariffs and discounts for identified customers.
  • Seamless connectivity from wired to wireless and vice versa anywhere within the hotel. In other words, the guest can have the option of either connecting to a wired connection first and then switching to wireless or vice versa.
  • Provides room sharing Internet connections, i.e. 2 guests in a single room can be provided 2 different and independent accesses to the Internet. In other words it is possible to access Internet simultaneously with multiple devices within a single guest room.
  • Supports handheld devices for Internet access.
  • Multiple devices supported (Laptops, IPADs, Smart Phones, TV, IP Phones).
  • We also support an IPass Roaming authentication, as well as multiple VPNs.
  • Different tariffs for internet usage for different times of day.
  • Provision to carry over of balance time in Internet usage to other chain hotels in the country.
  • Attractive discounts for long staying guests such as reward points, bonuses etc. Provision of complementary packaged plans for corporate / group / preferred guests.
  • Driverless Network Printing to provide a secure wireless printing option for guests.

Microsense is the pioneer in WI-FI hotspot services. We have state of the art cloud based authentication system (AAA) in place even to handle future expansion with in built redundancy in the AAA system to offer high uptime requirement. Microsense is an authorized internet service provider licensed by Govt. of India to handle all lawful intercept. Our cloud infrastructure is ensures faster deployment of hotspot. We have Over 1000 Hotspots now live at Airports, Malls, Coffee shops, Hotels / Restaurants & other retail outlets on Microsense cloud Wi-Fi!

Microsense cloud based hotspot scenarios
  • Standalone hotspot
  • Chains
  • Educational institutions
  • Hotels
  • WISP
  • Airport
  • Healthcare
  • Telcos
  • Enterprise & Corporate

Microsense cloud Wi-Fi Comprehensive set of features and functions

  • Flexible Plans and Tariffs Location dependent tariffs
  • True plug & play, for instant access
  • Customized login pages for improved brand visibility Powerful OSS & BSS systems for secure authentication
  • & flexible billing options SMS Gateway Integration
  • PMS Integration in case of hotels
  • Total compliance with DOT and TRAI regulations. Cloud NMS, Help Desk and Auto Configuration
  • Advertising delivery server integration. Social, presence and Wi-Fi Analytics Comprehensive real-time reporting
  • Increase customer loyalty Promote the band
  • Increase the presence on the social media Generate qualified leads for marketing campaigns
  • Deliver location-based content and customized user experience
  • Survey customers to increase engagement and capture information
  • Learn more about customer demographics preferences and online behaviour Promote products and services, and engage customers with special offers Earn extra revenue with the integration of Advertising server
  • Deliver a compelling online customer experience

Microsense caters to a wide range of wireless applications for various industry segments. With several years of experience in Radio architecture and design, Microsense has deployed optimal networks with superior performance in complex and diverse scenarios. Being a Class A ISP, we can also address and augment your bandwidth requirements and complement the TCO. Primary clientele include most of India’s premier luxury hotels, airports, educational institutes, enterprises etc. on secure enterprise wi-fi, campus wireless solutions, Mesh Wi-Fi and Wi-Max technologies

Microsense offers 24×7 supports through an All India network A team of technical specialists are always on alert to assist you. In addition, the presence across 25 more cities and towns in INDIA, makes Microsense a truly pan India company

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