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Software Solutions & Services

With a global presence, we have gained our reputation to deliver quality software and wireless products/solutions in various technologies. We have a dedicated team comprising some of the most experienced members in several fields who provide their contributions. Following successful development methodology and process with the best turn around, we have a trail of satisfied customers.

In our flexible processs,
• The customer has the opportunity to be flexible with the requirement (of course within reasonable limits).
• During development of the system (midstream) we are supportive on the customer’s requirement changes, as long as the core of the specifications are more or less the same.
• The customer knows in advance what possible changes entail.
• The customer/customer’s team are constantly updated on the progress of the project.

High Quality > Affordable Pricing > Flexible Process > Transparent Communication > Reliable Agreements >
Successful Delivery

  • Software and wireless solutions for Corporates and Institutions – PC/mobile/tablet applications – with or without server model.
  • Touch-based PC applications.
  • Security and Access Control solutions with bio-metric peripherals.
  • Lab and Service Center Management – PC and mobile/tablet applications for automobile, consumer electronics.
  • Web-based applications.
  • Website design and development with e-commerce and responsive interface for multiple devices.


Hospitality Sector

Room Management System

In partnership with Internal provides top class online guest room management systems and energy conservation systems.

Feedback Collection System

Collect feedback easily from any device to analyze and improve internal operations and customer satisfaction. Use this to your advantage and retain loyal and also attract new customers.

Visitor Management System

Track and manage vendor through service area entries.

Service Desk Application

Our software solution also includes a user friendly service desk application to handle support tickets

Digital Hiring Form

A solution to easily capture interviewee details in any device and manage interview procedure and activities.

PC Management System

Manage all the PCs and processes in the PCs in your organisation’s network by using our state of the art application.

Educational and Similar Insitutions

Online Test interactive System

A solution to conduct excel based tests from instructor’s PC to the student’s PC.

Lab Management System

Manage all the PCs and processes in your lab by using our state of the art software.

Exchange student's Coaching System

A digital solution for members of the university to plan and coach the exchange students to complete course.

Academic Advice & Planning

A digital counselling solution for councilors to view student’s exam history semester wise and provide a plan to the student to graduate with the chosen Major within the required semester.

Game based solutions

We can create various game based solutions, for example, to collect data. Currently we offer a game based survey questionnaire to collect data from students.

I Know U

A digital tracker solution to enroll and manage students in a class by the instructor.


A simple software tool to create websites.For students who would like to earn part-time or for professionals or free lancers.



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