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In this era of technology, Microsense Networks has dedicated itself in building a team to create products that talks the future.
Our solutions will help you get ready for the future and reach for the skies! Starting from High Speed Internet Access to cloud based solutions that are accessible through multiple devices, we cater to the world that is ever changing and constantly mobile.
Holding the vision to connect businesses with their customers through technology, we fabricate from the delicate to the most complex solutions through our innovative products.
With vast knowledge and experience that we have gathered through our odyssey, we have left behind a trail of satisfied customers. From simple models to the most complex solutions, we have endeavored to connect multiple businesses with their customers and employees. Our interests and desire to create something new has propelled us to conceive innovative products that are simple to the user, no matter how complex the back end software and hardware can be.
We believe ‘Customer Delight’ is the key to a successful business, that helps us to be prominent!


The future is here, with immense potential for mobile computing and telecommunication. Considering this opportunity as a part in creating a technically advanced nation, we have committed ourselves in making a team that can deliver innovative solutions.

  • We are an inspiring leader trusted for planning, implementing and maintaining, new wireline networking infrastructure and wireless LAN Solutions for wide range of customers, from premium hotels and resorts to large enterprises, SMEs and rural development initiatives with a global presence in 4 different countries.
  • We take the lead and initiative in implementing new and upcoming technology especially for the hospitality industry, to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers. Having an industry presence of nearly three decades, we have acquired rich experience in handling networking technologies and products as well as alliances with reputed vendors of world-class equipment. This advantage is further strengthened by our technical and customer support services, a strong resource base and our nation-wide presence.
  • As a Class A internet Service Provider, with a Pan India license, we address and augments secure internet bandwidth requirements complementing the TCO, complying to the regulations.
  • We also create various software products that can run in today’s complex machines (PC/Mobile/Tablet) not only for small business but also at an enterprise level. This has helped us in gaining valuable experience in the mobile, tablet and PC application development leading to innovative products. Through continuous research, we keep ourselves updated about the industry and have been producing products and solutions, that is replacing ledgers, wires and bundles of paper storage.
  • We believe in 100% customized models, containing only features required by our customers to optimize their business delivery. Our model allows customers to completely avoid all the unnecessary features and choose only what they want, thus reducing cost by not paying for features that is not required. Considering the security concerns in today’s era, we even add some of the most sophisticated peripherals like bio-metric scanning (Ex Fingerprint for Visitor Management) with our software products. We put together all the ideas for our product through a creative team as our odyssey is to cater the business requirement for companies, across the globe, in providing delight to their customers. We believe ‘Customer Delight’ is the key for a successful business and prominently supports to stay ahead of competitors!
  • Our complete suite of offerings include:
  • Wi-Fi and Wired Internet Access in Hotels,Enterprises,Campuses,Airports-HSIA
  • Powerful and Varied Billing Options
  • Connected TV ( IPTV )
  • IP and Digital Headends
  • Smart Rooms
  • In Building Solutions
  • Event Webcasting
  • Video Surveillance
  • IP Telephony
  • Web-based applications
  • Website design and development
  • Touch-based PC applications.
  • Software solutions for Corporates and Institutions
  •    PC/mobile/tablet applications
  •    with or without server model.
  • Security and Access Control solutions
  •    with bio-metric peripherals.
  • Center management
  •    PC and mobile/tablet applications.
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